Facts about the Icelandic jewelry company Sif Jacobs


Sif Jacobs is the woman behind the jewelery design with the same name Sif Jacobs Jewelery. She is raised in Iceland and She taught her subject in Sweden. After graduation, she traveled around the world to gather inspiration and to get good ideas for her jewels. Copenhagen has been her home base since 2000 and Italy is like her second home to count. As an artist and her great love for Italian elegance, she usually lists most of her collections for Italian cities. Sif Jacobs has always had an artist’s soul and is an aesthetic of type. With her lifestyle as a jetsetter, she is truly a world citizen too.

Combined with her aesthetic sense, her daring eye for design and quality and sparkling personality leads to jewelry collections with glamorous expressions that add something to everyday life. Traveling is her great interest and she loves to travel a lot to see what’s happening around other parts of the world and use the new ideas and the new inspiration she gets to create beautiful jewelry for the woman and the man. As Jacobs’s jewelry design is renowned for its sophisticated and elegant expression. Since the artist behind launched his very first jewelry collection back in 2009, this jewelry brand has grown incredibly fast due to the visibility of social media and that Sif Jacobs often makes interviews and is depicted with beautiful jewelry in various fashion magazines worldwide. Stars like Miley Cyrus and Madonna love her jewelry collections and give her lots of free commercials on social media. Her jewelery is also less popular because she has won the prestigious «Børsen Gazelle» for two consecutive years, a prize awarded to jewelry designers. The matrices she uses when she creates her jewelry is gold, silver, rhodium, leather, freshwater pearls, zirconia and rose gold. All of her jewelery is nickel free and she always fits the raw materials she uses with the highest possible quality and standard so that all her customers can really shine on a party and everyday when they use her handsome and glamorous jewels. Shining and displaying the best edition of herself as a woman is something Sif Jacobs wishes for her customers and therefore has pushed zirconia to her chest and carefully selects the most beautiful gems of her jewelry.